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So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight…

Today’s edition of The Daily Perspective Podcast was my last.

As a loyal listener (you wouldn’t have come to this website if you aren’t a loyal listener) it should come as no surprise that my energy and focus has been on creating and developing the new LifeRadio.FM web radio station, and that this day was coming eventually. I have hinted, even flatly stated, that some day I would be making a decision about where to focus my creative attention, and this week I made that decision.

As I said on today’s podcast, I started The Daily Perspective as a creative outlet after spending a couple of years working in talk radio. I needed an outlet after the talk show came to an end (a story I have shared on the podcast) and decided to produce a daily podcast just as I would produce a daily radio show.

There was a point in our programming development in talk radio that my partner Dave Mack challenged me to do a daily hour show for syndication, which I really didn’t feel qualified to do at the time. But, after our talk station was sold out from under us and our search for another outlet was hitting roadblocks, I decided to use my home studio to produce a daily podcast to keep myself busy and keep my skills sharp. I poured myself into the project and found ways to manage all the things which would be taken for granted in a radio studio but not a home production studio, including how to automate bumper music and commercial breaks, fire off soundbites, even roll video for Facebook Live. In the end I built a decent little production setup and media delivery system which is all being used now to create and deliver content for LifeRadio.FM.

LifeRadio.FM represents a belief that there is a single hope for our nation: Truth. It also represents the belief that truth can be spread using humor and hope. Our society is searching for hope everywhere, searching for peace and fulfillment, and there is only one real end to the search which will satisfy searchers. We believe LifeRadio.FM can be a signpost on the path of their journey pointing them to what they seek.

As I have on the podcast, I invite you here to follow me to LifeRadio.FM and join me on The Mark & Mack Show, starting weekday mornings with a laugh and some helpful insight into life in today’s world.

Thanks for listening to my pokey little podcast. I appreciate you more than you know.

God Bless,